TIG Time Episode 1: How to Weld Aluminum (Part 1)

Aug 2011 01
16 45 Mon
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TIG Time Episode 1: How To Weld Aluminum (Part 1)

In the pilot episode of TIG Time, Mr. TIG (Wyatt Swaim) shows us the do's and dont's of TIG welding aluminum.

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Top 10 Questions About Welding 4130 Chrome Moly

Nov 2011 10
19 42 Thu
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Top 10 Questions about 4130 Chrome Moly

Yes, you can TIG weld 4130 tubing easily with the proper techniques identified in this procedure. We will
answer the top ten most frequently asked questions of TIG welding 4130 Chrome-Moly. These procedures are intended for sporting applications such as experimental airplanes, racing  car frames, roll cages, go-carts, bicycles, and motorcycle frames. After reading this article, check out the TIG Time series on how to weld 4130 Chrome Moly.

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TIG Tip #1 - Putting a Ball on the End of your Tungsten

Dec 2011 05
15 28 Mon
Written by

TIG welding aluminum requires the welder to put a ball on the end of the tungsten, which is different from the usual "grind to a point" method. Check out Mr TIG's "TIG tip" to master this method effortlessly.



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6 reasons why TIG will make you a healthier welder

Dec 2011 08
15 14 Thu
Written by Kevin Saylor

Serious issues affecting your health – and why TIG is the answer.

Hazards during welding can be quite obvious like the electric arc, molten metal, radiant heat, and the incredibly bright light from the arc. Other hazards such as metals in the weld fume plume or gases produced during the welding process are not always as obvious. Fortunately, TIG welding is one of the best processes for minimizing hazards to those often unidentified hazards.

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